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The PCW/Caregiver is an individual who provides direct personal care in a client’s home per a client’s specific plan of care as prepared by the RN Case Manager or RN Supervisor. The PCW/Caregiver’s role is to assist clients in their day to day needs, provide quality of care and promote independence while in the comfort of their home.

REPORTS TO: The RN Supervisor or RN Case Manager


  • High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED) preferred but not required

  • At least 18 years of age.

  • Possess effective communication skills

  • Possess a capacity for caring for the chronically ill, mentally disadvantaged, and physically or developmentally disabled client

  • Ability to pass all required health screening


  1. The PCW/Caregivers shall perform tasks as assigned by RN supervisor

  2. The PCW/Caregiver is responsible for reporting any significant changes observed in the client’s medical condition to the RN supervisor

  3. The PCW/Caregiver is expected to demonstrate patient specific task to their RN supervisor to assure ongoing competency

  4. The PCW/Caregiver are required to only perform tasks and services as assigned for each client and for which he or she has been specifically trained. Potential tasks performed are as follows…

    • Assistance with bathing

    • Assistance with getting in and out of bed

    • Teeth, mouth, denture, and hair care

    • Assistance with mobility and ambulation including use of walker, cane, or crutches

    • Changing the client’s linens and laundering bed linens and or other personal clothing

    • Skin care (excluding wound care)

    • Care of eyeglasses and hearing aids

    • Assistance with dressing and undressing

    • Toileting, including use and care of bedpan, urinal, or commode

    • Light cleaning in essential areas of the home

    • Meal preparation, food purchasing and meal serving

    • Assisting with simple transfers, including bed to chair or wheelchair

    • Accompanying the client to medical appointments

    • Other Delegated tasks as assigned by the RN Supervisor

  5. The PCW/Caretaker is responsible for timely and accurate client notes.

  6. The PCW/Caretaker is responsible for maintaining client confidentiality.

  7. The PCW/Caretaker is responsible in participating in training and in-services as assigned.

  8. The PCW/Caretaker is responsible for practicing safety, standard precautions, and infection control measures by using appropriate personal protective equipment to protect clients and self.

  9. The PCW/Caretaker is required to maintain a positive attitude and neat appearance.

Please Note: Upon hire each employee is required to successfully complete Blessit Hands Personal Care Agencies’ competency evaluation program. This includes Orientation, skills lab, and successfully passing the skills and communication proficiency test for PCW/Caretakers.​

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